The Parkside Salon
.....always ethical and professional

The Parkside Difference
As true beauty professionals, we have transcended... our craft has become more than just a series of salon services. Our method of servicing clients has evolved to a holistic approach to beauty. It is no longer about copying a style from a magazine. It's about creating personalized looks that enhance both the inner and outer beauty of our clients. Personality, lifestyle and daily routine are now as important as face shape, coloring and texture.

Our community has also evolved into one of exciting diversities. Our clients are now multi-textural, with a variety of hair types, colors and conditions. It is our ability to evolve with the world of modern science and beauty, to embrace our diversities and guide our clients along their path of transformation which makes us true beauty professionals.

Salon hours
Wednesday thru Sunday 9am - 5pm

If you are unable to make your appointment, please inform us early within the day.
"As we are considerate of your busy schedule.... Please be considerate of ours."

We appreciate the gesture but, true professionals, we do not accept gratuity.